Wednesday, October 31, 2012

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 9

Junk food should be banned from high school vending machines. For example Because they all ready try to gave us heathly lunch. This shows that We should gave a treat once and a while . This also shows that they will help them to learned that junk food not all about eating it everyday. In addition, Because we need a snack once a while.In conclusion, Over all people might need more engery to stay wake in class.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 8

The Ten Commandments do not belong in public schools. For example, people may become offended when it comes to religion. This shows that not everybody has the same beliefs. This also shows that not everybody has the same ideas or the same thoughts. In addition, it is allowed to enforce religion on students or people at schools. This shows that it causes conflicts. This also shows that people have their own opinions and beliefs. Overall, people should just keep their religious beliefs to themselves at school.

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 5

Vaccinations should be required for all students. For example, diseases can spread. This shows that it is easy for someone to get sick if their immune system isn't working. This also shows that ...In addition, it is required by law to have vaccinations done to enroll in public schools. This shows that vaccinations are very important to have done because you never know when you are going to catch an illness. This also shows that people are clean and don't want diseases to spread. In conclusion, it should be required to have vaccinations no matter what.

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 4

The pressure of teen sports has gone too far. For example, some parents put more emphasis on sports than other activities that are more important like school work. This shows that sports take a lot of time. This also shows that parents more emphasis on sports than they should. In addition, parents make sure that their kids are the number one player on the team or the best. This shows that parents take control over the kids in sports. This also shows that everything revolves around sports. In conclusion, sports should be fun and not always competitive.

JCCS Academic Vocabulary Written Assessment Week 3

Parents should regulate their teens diet and exercise to prevent obesity. One reason is because kids are obese these days. Another reason is because it is harder for kids to lose weight on they own time when they get older. Additionally, kids can get heart diseases and high bloop pressure. In conclusion, parents should regulate their kids' health.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Portfolio - Improvement

Over the past two years, I have improved my reading, writing and speaking skills. Before high school, I wasn’t able to understand what I was reading very well. Now, I am able to understand and verify the context and use context clues to understand what I am reading. I improve these skills by practicing and getting help. I practiced by reading out loud to myself. My speaking skills weren’t that good. I wasn’t really able to speak English. I had to learn a different language and that didn’t help my schooling. I had improved where I can spell words and put things together. Before high school, I wasn’t able to work well in group. I didn’t do any school work or anything that involved turning it work. Now, I am turning my work on sometimes and I know who to ask for help when I need it. I am always checking if I have done my homework. I have improved where I am turning assignments and always asking for help. I check my work to see if I turned it in. I will have someone check it over for me and help me. My technology skill before high school were a little bad than there are now. As long my as teacher helps I think it will get much better. It will help me for when I move on to college and it will help me in life. I will improve spelling things out and I will take time to write it out. The next two years I will take everything that I learned in school and it will help me to move on with my life. It will help me talk to people and help me to write papers. It will help me in life because the wrong grammar can’t help you with anything and won't get you anywhere.